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Introduction and Question

Hey everyone,

My name is Cassie, and I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Missouri - Columbia. I am a Human Development and Family Studies major with an emphasis in child development and education, and have been trying to incorporate psychology in there too as I have had an interest in emotional and behavioral disorders for quite some time now. Anyhow, as a requirement for my major, I am currently taking an introductory special education class and am creating a portfolio of intervention strategies for successfully mainstreaming children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (more specifically Asperger's Disorder) into a regular classroom setting. As part of the portfolio, I must conduct an interview with a parent of a child with Asperger's and I'm in a bit of a crunch. So my question is, would anybody here be willing to help me out and answer a few questions for me via e-mail? (Questions would be along the lines of what are the difficulties you have dealt with in obtaining appropriate education services for your child, positives and negatives of the disorder, how the child/family copes with more negative aspects of the disorder, etc.). I'm sorry if this is a bother, but I honestly have no idea who to talk to as I don't really know any parents of children with this disorder. Any help anybody here could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

VERY sensetive

Read more...Collapse ) But I wanted to thank you all for your posts. It's nice to know you're not really as alone as you often feel.


Hi, I've just joined this community - I found it through a friend who's on aspecialparent - so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm 24 and I work at the moment as a teaching assistant with several different children in a school setting, their diagnoses including ADHD, Aspergers and various learning difficulties; they're all in years 8 and 9 (I'm in the UK, so that's 12-14 years old). I'm new to this school this year but previously I was working in a primary school with 4-11 year olds so I'm not so new to classroom assisting in general. I also have a psychology degree and intend to go back to university to train as an educational psychologist in a year or two, but for now I love working in school where I'm getting a lot of valuable experience.

I'm more likely to lurk and comment a bit than post much, but at least you know who I am now!

Introducing Me :D

Just wanted to post and say hello :D
My names Cassie, and Im a 17yr old in the UK
I found Special Support through Specail Parents I think it was. 
I have a 14yr old sister (Lexi) who has Down Syndrome.
So yeah thought I would say hey :D


I thought I'd try not to just lurk on a community for a change, found this through lj spotlight ans special parents, I'm a 3rd of the way to becomming an occupational therapist and have been helping at a summerscheme for kids with disabilities the last 3 summers. love the idea of these communities. :)


Hi, everyone. I found this community a while ago through aspecialparent (I'm a member there because my 3 1/2 daughter has speech and motor disabilities due to epilepsy, and more recently we're discovering she has sensory issues as well) - but I'm just getting around to joining and introducing myself here!

I'm Katie, age 25. In addition to my daughter, I'm a part of the special needs "world" for a few other reasons, too:
-My brother, 2 years younger than me, was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (though were he being diagnosed today, he'd probably be given the "less severe" diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Effects). He is high functioning; his FAS mainly manifests itself in learning disabilities and sensory issues. So I was introduced to the world of special ed at an early age; he was in resource rooms throughout elementary and most of high school, and had OT services throughout.
-I worked for years, throughout high school and college, as a parapro in an extended school year program for kids on the autism spectrum. I absolutely loved it and those kids still have a special place in my heart. During that time, I also worked weekend and night shifts at a respite house for ASD kids.
-I got my bachelor's degree in special education - cognitive impairments. Did student teaching at a center-based school with kids with severe multiple impairments. I had to hold off on getting a full-time teaching job due to a high-risk pregnancy and subsequent birth of my son in May, but I'm currently (slowly!) working on my master's in Early Childhood Developmental Delay.

Glad to be here :) I'll probably be more active on the parents' community, because my daughter is who's closest to my heart, who I'm immediately dealing with, and the one who most puzzles me (why is it that I can be so confident with other people's kids but feel like I'm barely afloat with my own?!), but I'm sure this community will be a valuable resource, as well.

A Quickie

I just wanted to let you know I am content with the decision to file harassment charges about the phone situation. I think family understands now. It's a good thing I have Mom around. She's my sounding board.

Crimes Against Women

Hi Everyone,

I am the victim of a crime as well as phone harassment, going on now over 2 years. I have CP too, which makes everything huge. Women who are in my shoes are twice as likely to be harmed by someone they know, twice as likely to experience depression, etc. Anyway, the phone calls are escalating, and the only way I can stop them for now is to keep my phone turned off. If the attacker calls my house, it may be easier to trace calls, or block him.

Because the incident went unreported, this guy is taking all he can get. The therapist I saw failed me. She is on his side. I walked out on her in January 2006. Since then, he has called and e-mailed all the more. The calls and e-mails began when I was attacked in 2005, and have not stopped. He wants my friendship after attacking me. And he'll stop at nothing to make sure he gets what he wants.

Family and friends are telling me to ignore him. Well, that has led to the elimination of my cell phone. If he calls the house or shows up, then I hope someone other than me will call the necessary authorities.

We moved out of the big city and into a small one, but this still hasn't helped. He has a history with me, dating back to 1998. I'm just curious about others in this community who have gone through a similar situation. When the mental health professionals fail you, what next?

The most recent call came on Saturday July 21, 2007. I keep track of all this, unsure as to how to proceed. Family and friends are making light of this. It's sad. I have no support. And I don't pay the phone bills.

If anyone has thoughts, comments, suggestions, they are more than welcome.


I never introduced myself in this community, and I think it's about time I did. My boyfriend has two amazing boys both of whom have special situations. His oldest, Kevin, is twelve and has a heart condition and recent had a stendt put in his heart to keep the valve open. He's been doing amazingly well since the surgery in February and shouldn't expereince any more problems, thank god. He was cleared to play Little League this past season, and had one of the best seasons he's ever had. He's looking forward to flag football in the fall as are his father and I.

The youngest, Patrick, is nine and is extremely autistic. He was taken out of his elementary school last January due to extreme outbursts including striking the teacher and administrators. He wouldn't talk to anyone, let alone his parents and was more interested in movies than anything else. He was put into ACES (Connecticut's Special Ed schools) and has been doing so much better in school since. He loves his teachers, and the longer school year really helps to keep him focused. He has become more communicative, and has had outbursts less frequently than ever before.

As me and John talk more seriously about premantent life plans, I've been trying to become more acclamated to having two boys around, in addition to their unique situations. Kevin has been very open to our relationship, and understands that even though me and his father are together, that I'm not trying to take his mother's place (who is still very much in the picture). He likes the fact that I will go with his father to his games now that he can play again. Given Patrick's problems with communication and vocabulary, I'm not sure what his understanding of the situation is. I don't want to alienate him because I assumed that wrong thing about his feelings.

I'm hoping this group will help me to to understand the little that come with having two boys in my life that need a little extra attention and support.

Aspergers Sibling

Hi all,
I'm very glad to have found this site, I am looking for support and hopefully some advice because I am absolutely crushed right now. I'm the older sister of a 15 year old with aspergers syndrome who happens to also be overweight (relevant way later, I promise) named Matt. He has a very difficult time socially and has developed anger issues which I feel stem from his inability to understand people. He snaps easily, especially when people poke fun and I've sat by frustrated watching him feeling hurt and confused because he doesn't understand why its so hard for him to befriend people. The friends he finds are fleeting and tend to walk on him and use him for favors and leave when they've gotten what they wanted.

He's been kicked out of a couple schools for not being able to control his temper when classmates tease him and we haven't been able to find a safe school for him to attend where the staff understands his condition. Many of his teachers have been uncooperative and unsupportive, they get frustrated with him easily and permit classmates to perpetuate his behavior then send him in for misbehavior when he snaps on them after turning a blind eye to the teasing. It has been complete hell trying to find a high school for him to attend, he got shut out of the out of district schools because they didn't have room for any special needs students and he really wanted to attend this particular school and couldn't understand fully why he couldn't go. There aren't many groups that specialize in helping kids that get bullied that we know of and we just really want to find him a place where he can go that he knows he wont be judged, bullied, and people will respect him. As you can see he is very hurt and very resentful and doesn't have much trust for anybody anymore, even the adults who are supposed to offer support and trust.

So here is why I'm posting, he has been going to a weight loss program at the school we found for him, and up until today it has been going fabulously. He had a group of kids he got along with who respected him, was losing weight, was very happy and most importantly for the first time in a long time felt good about himself. He liked this school and was excited to go in the fall, his friends even invited him to sign up for the same electives they were taking together (I cried on the phone when he told me this). Well, a random girl who is in summer school went up to him while he was getting his bag out of his locker told him he was fat and kicked him in the shin. Long story short he kicked her in the stomach and was taken home by the police. The cop actually called the girls mother and begged her not to file charges when he got to my parents' house and the woman finally agreed under the condition that he didn't get to attend this school.

I am devastated. I know it's not right for him to get out of control, but I can't imagine how you wouldn't be after years and years of bullying, is he just supposed to lay down and take it? He doesn't know how to act and it just makes me so furious when he gets in trouble for retaliating against these kids. He had been doing so well for so long walking away from things then she hit a sensitive button that he felt he was doing so well on and he snapped, and now his school year is ruined. Can the mother actually make that kind of decision? When I was in high school kids would beat the crap out of each other and get a slap on the wrist. I don't want to see him go to the 'lock-down school' where all the bad kids and bullies go because he isn't one of them and it's just going to be worse for him there and make him more socially inept. Does anybody know anything I can do? Any kind of program? Seriously I need any advice or support I can find because I am upset beyond words right now.

Thank you so much, sorry my intro post had to be such a downer.