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Families of CP Children

I am a single father of an 11-year old with CP living in the country outside of Austin, TX. I have recently gotten sole custody and am scouring the internet for information, support and resources. I recently came across Cerebral Palsy Family Network and, assuming you don't already know about it, recommend it to parents of ANY special needs kid. Luckily, Austin is a fairly progressive city with lots of resources, but I still wouldn't have known half of what's available without it. I look forward to reading responses and posts. Thanks.


My name is Emily and I am the mother to two beautiful girls.  My two year old has Dandy Walker Variant, but I'm here to post about my four year old.

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What do I do?

Just An Emma Update

It's been a while since I've posted on my little winkies (two years old...Dandy Walker Variant/CVI/diabetes incipidus/shunt).  She's doing fantastic.  She's officially off of all her medications (diabetes and seizure)...doctor approved.  Her therapies are going really well, she's starting to prop sit although it's just a start because her head still throws her off balance.  She's rolling over like I don't know what.  
I hope that things keep going this way.

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I would like to invite you all to enjoy my blog called Empowering People and Changing Lives.  The purpose of it is to provide a wealth of resources and personal insights to those with disabilities and those affected in some way by disability.  As an individual who has a disability and strives to assist those with disabilities in the best ways possible, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me!

Thanks so much!

Erin Breedlove, author, "Empowering People and Changing Lives" 

CEC unveils 2008 Voter Education Guide

CEC unveils 2008 Voter Education Guide
With Election Day rapidly approaching, CEC is pleased to provide you with resources for the upcoming presidential election, including general information on the presidential candidates, voter registration information and classroom resources. Find out more

Julia and Me - an Intro and Some Questions

Hello there. My name is Sarah-Beth and I'm new. I have a fairly long backstory and a couple of questions.

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Has anyone ever used, heard of, tried, or had any experience with the medication Lamictal for treatment in aggression in autism?
My son was prescribed this today and I'm researching information about this medication.

Thank you.

Interview Request

Hello to everyone! I have been reading through the community for the last few days, and your posts are so touching! I'm not a family member of anyone with special needs, but I am a future educator. In a little over a year, I will graduate with a degree to teach middle/high school social sciences, but I am very interested in special needs children. I am currently in an introductory class for children with special needs, and one of our assignments is to conduct an interview with the parent of a special needs child. Because I don't know anyone personally that is a parent of a special needs child and because the interview is supposed to be as confidential and anonymous as possible, I thought that a good way to find a parent to interview would be through a community or support group for parents and families. This community seems to be full of inspiring and intelligent family members, and I would love to conduct an interview with one of you. I know there is a separate community for parents, but I didn't want to disrespect their "parents only" rule by joining and posting this. If I fail to get a response here, I may try to contact the moderator there, but I have read that there are some parents in this community. I hope some of you would be interested in corresponding with me. If you're interested, here is some general information about what your participation would include:

--The interview will be completely confidential. I prefer to do it in email format rather than here on the forum, and I have set up an email account specifically for the assignment (specialeduparent@gmail.com). I certainly don't need to know any names at all, and I encourage you to sign up for a free, alternative email to use for your/your child's privacy. You don't even have to comment here before you email me to ensure that your identity is completely concealed.
--Because the interview is for an education class, the child needs to be at least 5, but there is no maximum age. If the person is older than school-age, then you can answer some of the questions based on their past school experiences.
--There will be 20 questions (maybe a couple of extra, just to give to you an opportunity to skip a question that you're not comfortable answering) that will basically be along the lines of how his/her special need was discovered, the process that you went through to get him/her services, any service you wish you had access to, how you/your family have dealt with any behavioral/daily routine problems, how teachers and physicians have impacted the child's life, the attitudes and behavior of others toward your child, etc. I don't feel like any of the questions are too personal or revealing, but you certainly have the right to skip any questions.
--Your responses will be turned in, verbatim, to my professor and ONLY to my professor. The only people who will read your responses will be me and her. I will not use the information for any other purpose. I will write a reflection on your responses and what I have learned, which I would be happy to share with you afterward if you wish.
--The quicker the response the better, and I will respond to you with the list of questions within two days at least. The assignment is not due for a few weeks, so you are more than welcome to take your time. I will include the specific due date in the email to let you know how much time you have to respond. There is definitely no hurry, as I know everyone's lives are hectic these days.

That's basically it, but any other questions you have can be addressed here or in email. I thank anyone who took the time to read and/or consider this, and your help would be very, very appreciated and a great opportunity for me to learn in preparation for my teaching career. Thank you so much, and again, the email address to contact me is:


Autism Speaks

I've been participating in a charity vote site called Vote 4 a Cause. This round we are trying to make Autism Speaks the winner. You don't have to register, voting is without obligation and it has a nice chat feature if you want to talk. You can vote every 2 minutes. Currently Autism Speaks is in the #2 position. If it wins, then the charity will receive a special pledge drive, where members of the voting community can donate time, money, or something else to the cause.

 If you can help us out by voting in the next 4 days or so, we'd certainly appreciate it. The voting for Autism Speaks is here:


I'm going to leave it to the wise mods of aspecialparent if they want to repost this in that community or not. 

For me, it's a fun way to pay tribute to my daughter with PDD.


Hello! I am new and thought I would introduce myself. I am not really good at these introductions. We'll see. I am Jessica, I am 18 years old and I have a sister who is 21 and was born with Cerebral Palsy. She has a combination of all three types; Spastic, Athetoid and Ataxic. She is the light of my life and my only real reason for living. She lives at home with my mom, Step-dad, Brother and I. She has a service dog named Takar from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). She can say few words, but she knows how to communicate very well through hand movements, and clues.

I would love to go through a career path involving handicapped children and teens. I am starting college again next fall, I had to take a semester off to find a job, and help alot with my sister since our Respite Worker is taking 2 months off to go to India to be apart of the Mother Teresa Foundation.

This is a picture of Nikki.