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Interview Request

Hello to everyone! I have been reading through the community for the last few days, and your posts are so touching! I'm not a family member of anyone with special needs, but I am a future educator. In a little over a year, I will graduate with a degree to teach middle/high school social sciences, but I am very interested in special needs children. I am currently in an introductory class for children with special needs, and one of our assignments is to conduct an interview with the parent of a special needs child. Because I don't know anyone personally that is a parent of a special needs child and because the interview is supposed to be as confidential and anonymous as possible, I thought that a good way to find a parent to interview would be through a community or support group for parents and families. This community seems to be full of inspiring and intelligent family members, and I would love to conduct an interview with one of you. I know there is a separate community for parents, but I didn't want to disrespect their "parents only" rule by joining and posting this. If I fail to get a response here, I may try to contact the moderator there, but I have read that there are some parents in this community. I hope some of you would be interested in corresponding with me. If you're interested, here is some general information about what your participation would include:

--The interview will be completely confidential. I prefer to do it in email format rather than here on the forum, and I have set up an email account specifically for the assignment (specialeduparent@gmail.com). I certainly don't need to know any names at all, and I encourage you to sign up for a free, alternative email to use for your/your child's privacy. You don't even have to comment here before you email me to ensure that your identity is completely concealed.
--Because the interview is for an education class, the child needs to be at least 5, but there is no maximum age. If the person is older than school-age, then you can answer some of the questions based on their past school experiences.
--There will be 20 questions (maybe a couple of extra, just to give to you an opportunity to skip a question that you're not comfortable answering) that will basically be along the lines of how his/her special need was discovered, the process that you went through to get him/her services, any service you wish you had access to, how you/your family have dealt with any behavioral/daily routine problems, how teachers and physicians have impacted the child's life, the attitudes and behavior of others toward your child, etc. I don't feel like any of the questions are too personal or revealing, but you certainly have the right to skip any questions.
--Your responses will be turned in, verbatim, to my professor and ONLY to my professor. The only people who will read your responses will be me and her. I will not use the information for any other purpose. I will write a reflection on your responses and what I have learned, which I would be happy to share with you afterward if you wish.
--The quicker the response the better, and I will respond to you with the list of questions within two days at least. The assignment is not due for a few weeks, so you are more than welcome to take your time. I will include the specific due date in the email to let you know how much time you have to respond. There is definitely no hurry, as I know everyone's lives are hectic these days.

That's basically it, but any other questions you have can be addressed here or in email. I thank anyone who took the time to read and/or consider this, and your help would be very, very appreciated and a great opportunity for me to learn in preparation for my teaching career. Thank you so much, and again, the email address to contact me is:



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Mar. 7th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
I have an 8 year old boy with autism and don't mind answering questions. I also don't have any issue with anyone knowing who I am.
my email is schletz@comcast.net
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